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Homepage - For patients - Categories of citizens eligible for emergency medical care

The following categories of citizens have the right to extraordinary medical care:

Heroes of the Soviet Union;

Heroes of the Russian Federation;

full knights of the Order of Glory;

members of families of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full cavaliers of the Order of Glory;

Heroes of Socialist Labor;

Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation;

full cavaliers of the Order of Labor Glory;

widows (widowers) of Heroes of Socialist Labor, Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation or full-time Knights of the Order of Labor Glory who have not remarried (regardless of the date of death (death) of the Hero of Socialist Labor or the full holder of the Order of Labor Glory);

persons awarded with the “Honorary Donor of Russia” badge, “Honorary Donor of the USSR”;

citizens affected by radiation as a result of the Chernobyl disaster, and the categories of citizens equated to them;

Citizens recognized as victims of political repression;

Rehabilitated persons;

Persons with disabilities and participants in wars;

veterans of military operations;

servicemen who served in military units, institutions, military schools that were not part of the active army, during the period from June 22, 1941 to September 3, 1945 for at least six months, servicemen who were awarded orders or medals of the USSR for serving in the army the specified period;

persons awarded with the sign “Resident of the Siege of Leningrad”;

disabled members of the families of the deceased (died) invalids of wars, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of military operations who were dependent on them and received a survivor’s pension (eligible for it);

persons who worked during the period of the Great Patriotic War on air defense facilities, local air defense, on the construction of defensive structures, naval bases, airfields and other military facilities within the rear lines of operational fronts, operating zones of operating fleets, in the front-line areas of iron and motor roads;

Children with disabilities and children left without parental care;

Persons with disabilities who have restricted mobility.

13.2. The basis for the extraordinary provision of medical care is a document confirming the citizen’s belonging to the preferential category.

In an emergency medical care is provided in the following conditions:


stationary (except for high-tech medical care).

The order of emergency medical care:

planned medical care in outpatient settings is provided to citizens in an emergency order at the place of attachment. Scheduled consultations, diagnostic and laboratory tests are carried out within five days, calculated in working days, from the date of treatment registered with the attending physician;

scheduled consultations, diagnostic and laboratory studies in consultative polyclinics, specialized polyclinics and dispensaries – within 10 days, calculated in working days, from the date of application of the citizen;

when providing planned medical care in stationary conditions, the waiting period for planned hospitalization should not exceed 14 working days;

medical organizations at the place of attachment organize registration of preferential categories of citizens in the established in the medical organization and dynamic monitoring of their health status;

in the case of the application of several citizens entitled to an extraordinary provision of medical assistance, planned assistance is provided in the order of receipt of applications.

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