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Procedure for considering complaints and proposals
In the event of violation of the rights of the patient, he (his legal representative) can file a complaint directly with the head or other official of the health organization in which he receives medical care.

The complaint is filed in writing or electronically: the first copy is to the Deputy Chief Doctor for Quality of Medical Assistance Khusainova Dina Kamilevna, phone number (843) 237-36-21, e-mail: dina-kam@mail.ru. And the second copy remains in the hands of the citizen filing the complaint. At the same time, you must obtain the signature of the secretary with the indication of the incoming number or the signature of the head physician (deputy), indicating the date (in case of an urgent situation, the time for filing a complaint).

The complaint must contain specific information, questions and clearly formulated requirements, a citizen’s signature indicating the name, first name, patronymic, data on the place of residence or work (study).

If there are supporting documents, they must be attached. In case the circumstances of the case require an immediate and extraordinary response to the situation, the complaint can be forwarded to several instances at once.

The patient’s response to the complaint is provided in writing within the time limits established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In disputable cases, the patient has the right to apply to a higher authority or court in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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