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Homepage - Medical Center of Innopolis

Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in the city of Innopolis
In the city of Innopolis, a medical center (a structural unit of the Republican Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan) was opened. The medical center includes a day hospital, equipped with a clinical diagnostic laboratory and a physiotherapy unit, a rehabilitation department, an advisory-diagnostic unit and a department for emergency surgery. The work of the center will be based on the use of innovative equipment for medical rehabilitation. Patients can undergo a course of individually selected intensive rehabilitation to restore all the components of the body: the cardiovascular system, cognitive functions, to restore the functions of the upper and lower extremities and the spine.

CardioPULSAR (cardiopulse)
Equipment 1

CardioPULSAR (cardiopulse) is an apparatus complex for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases by the method of enhanced external counterpulsation. The impact is created by compressing the lower extremities with the help of compression cuffs. The main area of ​​application is the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The high effectiveness of the method for the treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart failure is proved by world clinical practice.

Benefits of CardioPULSAR

Currently, according to international studies, it is proved that the procedure of external counterpulsation has a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases: in 80% of patients with heart failure who underwent a course of enhanced external counterpulsation, there was a persistent decrease in the class of heart failure by 1-2 units.

It is proved that external counterpulsation leads to a marked improvement in the “quality of life” of patients, increases the tolerance of physical exertion. The effect of the course of external counterpulsation persists for a long time.

Who will help CardioPULSAR

Patients with angina pectoris II-IV functional class by CCS, refractory to antianginal therapy and / or intolerance to drugs
Patients who are unable to perform transluminal balloon angioplasty (TLBAP), coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) due to diffuse lesions of the coronary arteries (CA), damage to the distal bed or the presence of small, non-shunt
Patients with angina recurrence after surgical correction of IHD, and repeated operation is impossible for any reasons
Patients in preparation for the surgical treatment of coronary heart disease
Patients with refusal of the patient from the operation
Patients with a high risk of complications of surgical intervention.

Anti-gravity treadmill ALTER G
Equipment 2

The ALTER G anti-gravity treadmill is the only rehabilitative and training equipment in its kind, the ALTER G anti-gravity treadmill is a new word in the treatment of the “relief” method of the lower limbs. It allows you to create conditions for weightlessness and reduce the mass of your body up to five times. You enter a special chamber, and the instructor sets the speed of the treadmill, the slope and air pressure, which increases gradually, and lifts you up, like on a cloud. The load on the legs can be reduced to 80%. Reducing body weight reduces the impact on the joints and muscles to ensure a more even and, most importantly, controlled, recovery from injuries or surgeries, and to improve the training of athletes.

The advantages of the ALTER G antigravity treadmill

Antigravitational running track ALTER G is very useful for the lower extremities of patients. For those who have just recovered from a trauma or an operation, the path pushes the boundaries in the rehabilitation process, and also significantly improves the functional training of both beginners and professional athletes. ALTER G uses the technology of differential air pressure (space technology), which exceeds the traditional methods of unloading body weight. Thanks to AlterG it becomes possible to conduct comfortable therapy, biomechanics of walking and running are preserved. Painless and safe therapy in rehabilitation.

Who will help the antigravitational treadmill ALTER G

Patients after operations on the lower limbs (thighs, knees, ankles or feet)
Patients with trauma to the lower extremities, as well as intervertebral hernias
Patients to restore the standard of normal walking with neurological disorders
Elderly patients to maintain and develop their physical form
Injured athletes to maintain a sportive form during the rehabilitation period
Patients to improve coordination of muscle movement and strengthen weakened joints
Patients to correct the figure and reduce fat tissue.
Kinetec Spectra knee
Hardware 3

Kinetec Spectra knee is a rehabilitation simulator for the permanent passive development of the hip and knee joints. Spectra has no analogues, it provides the optimal volume of movements in the hip joint: flexion / extension, reduction / withdrawal. Early initiation of joint development after surgery or trauma can significantly reduce the risk of contraction (joint stiffness) and prevent the development of thromboembolism due to limb stiffness and accelerate the return of healthy joint functions.

Advantages of Kinetec Spectra knee

Kinetec Spectra knee accelerates the recovery of the volume of movements after surgery, preserves the quality of the joint surface, reduces pain and swelling and speeds up the healing of articular cartilage. Kinetec Spectra knee reduces hospitalization time and reduces the need for pain medication. The simulator creates an early postoperative continuous passive movement. Displaying the parameters of the OD on the display enhances the patient’s motivation. The simulator allows you to maintain the right position for stretching and relaxing the muscles.

Who will help Kinetec Spectra knee?

Patients after knee arthroplasty
Patients with arthrosis of the knee, hip joints
Patients after fractures (patella, platea of ​​the tibia, femur)
Patients for restoration of ligaments, arthroscopic surgery (meniscectomy and patellectomy)
Patients after a kneecap transplant surgery
Patients with burns and intra-articular sepsis.
Biodex Balance System SD
Hardware 4

Biodex Balance System SD is a simulator for training balance. The principle of action is to record the deviations of the patient-controlled platform relative to the original, ideally balanced, “zero” position. The deviations obtained in this case testify to the level of controllability and balance of the patient’s body.

Advantages of Biodex Balance System SD

With four test protocols, five training modes and a contact screen, the Balance System SD allows testing and training, in both static and dynamic formats. Extremely convenient, the system identifies patients who are prone to falls, and also allows you to do exercises with changes in the range of motion of the joints and movement of the weight of patients.

Who will help Biodex Balance System SD

Patients with a violation of the equilibrium function
Patients with functional instability of the knee
Patients with symptoms of dizziness
Patients with injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Equipment 5

RT-200 – unique equipment with functional electrostimulation activates the muscular system of the lower and upper extremities by means of the motor function of the simulator and electrostimulation.

Advantages of RT-200

The simulator relaxes muscle spasm, prevents or slows atrophy in adynamia, improves local blood circulation and keeps and increases joint mobility. The therapy of FES on the RT200 complex is carried out in a comfortable chair. The patient’s safety is ensured by fixing belts. Legs are fixed with soft cuffs, and hands are fixed with special grips. Seat for comfortable patient fit, with the ability to rotate 90 degrees.

Who will help the RT-200

Patients with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system
Patients with muscular atrophy / reduced muscle tone
Patients after a stroke
Patients after arthroplasty of joints
Patients after plasty of ligaments
Patients with trauma to the lower extremities, as well as intervertebral hernias.
Equipment 6

Trust-M is a simulator with biological feedback for walking training “Trust-M” of the company “Neurocore”. It allows to restore the function of walking at a principally new level in patients with pathology of motor function of different genesis. The simulator conducts selective training of various functional parameters of walking. In addition, the complex allows you to accurately diagnose the pathology of the gait for the main parameters: temporary, kinematic, dynamic, the inclusion of muscles in the motor act.

Advantages of Trust-M

The main advantage is the motor rehabilitation with biofeedback (BFB) using the actual motion parameters and the virtual game environment. The game is presented on the computer monitor. The patient manages the simulator by means of movements in the corresponding joints or segments of the body, muscle tension, etc. These are new, modern technologies for rehabilitation and diagnostics of patients with the pathology of the organs of motion and support. The complex is oriented to work in the following specialties: neurology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, orthopedics-tramatology, vertebroneurology, arthrology and other related specialties.

Who will help Trust-M

Patients with pathology of motor function of different genesis
Patients with a violation of the equilibrium function.
Pegasus 3-D-System
Hardware 7

Pegasus 3-D-System is a modern system designed for complex diagnostics and rehabilitation of the spine. The system allows accurate and objective measurements in all three planes to assess flexibility and muscle strength, and then, based on the data obtained during the measurements, assign the necessary training program.

Advantages of Pegasus 3-D-System

Therapeutic effect is only accurately measured physical load. It is Pegasus that allows you to create the right load individually for each patient and, if necessary, accurately reproduce it in subsequent sessions. The system makes measurements at any arbitrary point of measurement in the spatial range of movement of the lumbar spine. Training takes place in the biofeedback mode, which significantly increases the level of motivation of the patient and leads to a general increase in the effectiveness of the rehabilitation course.

Who will help Pegasus 3-D-System

Patients with pain in the lower back with a wide symptomatology: prolapsed discs (including after operations) and protrusions outside the acute phase / degenerative changes / vertebral dislocation and spondylolisthesis / spine trauma in the context of conservative or postoperative therapy, persistent complaints of pain spine, accompanied by a significant decrease in performance
Patients with functional back pain with and without degenerative changes
Patients with muscle weakness in the back and / or imbalances.

Spiroergometry on Care Fusion
Hardware 8

Spiroergometry on the Care Fusion complex is a stress test for conducting an accurate diagnosis between cardiac and pulmonary dyspnea at rest and under load. According to sports and medical research, the maximum level of oxygen absorption is the most accurate indicator of maximum performance.

Benefits of spiroergometry on Care Fusion

Spiroergometry, as a method of the future, now increasingly finds its application in the complex diagnosis of cardiopulmonary functions. In addition to the ECG with a load, with a gradual increase in the load parameters on the bicycle ergometer, exhaled air is analyzed by measuring the gas composition of the exhaled air. Along with the absorption of oxygen, the release of carbon dioxide and many other parameters, the energy expenditure of the organism at rest and under physical exertion is also investigated. According to sports and medical research, the maximum level of oxygen absorption is the most accurate indicator of maximum performance. Therefore, he is considered a “gold standard”.

Who needs diagnostics (spiroergometry) on Care Fusion equipment

Patients with chronic heart disease (primarily, cardiac weakness, heart failure)
Patients with lung diseases (COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumofibrosis)
Patients with diseases leading to loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia)
Athletes for functional testing.
Ultrasound of premium class Toshiba Aplio 500
Hardware 9

Ultrasound of the premium class Toshiba Aplio 500. Apparatus of the latest generation, which allow you to get accurate images to the smallest detail.

The principally new high density beam forming architecture implemented in the Aplio system guarantees the highest resolution and detailing of clinical images and a consistently fast and reliable diagnostic result. The system is equipped with a large package of powerful clinical tools, which stipulate improved image quality, quantitative analysis and intervention procedures for clinical and scientific research.

The technology of volume ultrasound imaging is necessary for physicians at their high loading, and patients. In just a few seconds, you can get a complete set of data and save it in its original format, minimizing the duration of the study. The unique basic technologies of the Aplio system provide an unrivaled level of clinical accuracy, performance and ease of use. Now the diagnosis is established faster and more reliably than ever before.

Biomechanical hardware and software complex “Video analysis of movements”
Hardware 10

Biomechanical hardware and software complex “Video analysis of movements” is intended for quantitative and qualitative assessment of biomechanical characteristics of human motor functions. The technology of computer image analysis is a modern standard of clinical and sports biomechanics, because it allows to diagnose various types of pathology of the function of the musculoskeletal system with high accuracy, and also to carry out targeted correction and optimization of the motor stereotype.

Advantages of the complex “Video analysis of movements”

The unconditional advantage of the method of video analysis of movements, in comparison with others, is the absence on the body of the subject of any devices that limit his free movement. This circumstance excludes the possibility of distortion of the natural motor activity. The complex provides the researcher with the possibility of a comprehensive contactless study of motor activity. Functional electromyography (EMG) in the process of movement with the study of intermuscular interaction and synergy of the motor act successfully complements the diagnostic, expert and predictive perspectives of computer video analysis of movements.

Who needs diagnostics on the complex “Video analysis of movements”

Patients with motor impairment, to evaluate the results of treatment for various diseases and conditions (cerebral palsy, tics, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, the consequences of head injury, etc.)
Patients for diagnosis of the nature of motor pathology (traumatology and orthopedics), additional analysis when making decisions about surgery, postoperative rehabilitation
Patients with prosthetics and orthosis, selection of prostheses and support means
Patients in rehabilitation with the optimization of regimes of recovery of movements
Athletes to improve sportsmanship and the plasticity of movements.

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